RobberyRL – Success



RobberyRL is finally done. It is a turn-based platformer roguelike with sneaking and thievery. It was made in Purescript and it runs on any modern web browser (except Firefox apparently). Your objective is to steal 50% of the loot in every level. The level layout is always the same, because making a random level generator for this type of game would have taken too much time. The levels appear in random order (except the first one) and the items are randomized. The player can sneak, run, climb, swim and jump.

We added a system, where items can have prefixes that affect their stats. You might find rusty swords, masterwork daggers and broken armors while looting the houses. Weapons and armors also have material, which affects their final stats.

You can play the game in your browser here.

You can also read our development log here. Github repository is here.

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