The Dungeon Completed

Well,  kinda completed.


It is a roguelike that you play as the the dungeon.  Your goal is killing the adventurer, the adventurer’s goal is… to exploring dungeon until it dies.

Currently you have 3 tools at your arsenal.

Generating a single stronger creatue with a class. A creature with class have better stats and equipments, access to some skills and other minions will probably follow it.

Other option is summoning a group of creatures. It might aummon advanced ones too, depending on the floor. But it will be less stronger.

And finally taking control of a unit, you can move, attack or use skills of that unit.

Adventurer is a lot stronger than your units. It can equip dropped equipments or use consumables.  As it dives further into dungeon, loots get better but your creqturea too!  Good luck!

Here is the link

Forum link for more info

2 thoughts on “The Dungeon Completed”

  1. Nice concept! Although my first attempts to kill the adventurer are not that successfull, I will kepp trying to kill that guy 😀

    I really like the dungeon keeper like concept of ruling the dungeon rather than moving the adventurer. I had that idea too, when I collected ideas for my 7DRL game but I’ve choosen another concept.

    If you’d exuse me now. I have to kill a cheesy warrior!

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