Void Sanctum – 7DRL 2015, Day 5 report

In a little late the day after this report, but that’s the nature of the 7drl. You don’t always control well when you have available time for it.

Day 5 went towards integrating properly the databases for making items and monsters (items went in mostly on Day 4), as well as abilities. I also set up to concept of “treasure”, which is basically a pool of items where each item has an associated rarity value, and the treasure itself has item-spawn-limits associated with it, as well as an optional color code that can be used for hand-crafted placement on a map. This allows us now to associate treasure packs with areas and zones, so that items will spawn randomly in areas.

I also got abilities working with weapons. What I mean by that is when you equip a weapon, all the abilities associated with that weapon is added to the action bar, and when the weapon is removed, those abilities are removed from the action bar (this last thing didn’t get in before Alan Charlesworth‘s vlog. Talking of which, a rather lengthy and informative journey of a vlog was uploaded by Alan last night:

Follow us and watch Alan thread down this road to ruin on YouTube in true roguelike fashion as we try to make a game in seven days!

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