7DRL Progress – Day 5

Well, I’m still in need of a name, if anyone has suggestions, please tell me. That said, here’s some screenshots!

A WIP of the class select!

I got the main “gimmick” of the game done! All four classes are now selectable when the game starts, and that stone tile background scrolls, making a nice effect IMHO (though possible a bit too close to Pixel Dungeon’s menu BG). For those curious, snails are tanks, but have slow speed and weak attack, stings are well rounded in all areas but defense, drakonians are sweepers with high attack and speed but low defense and hp and grom are “glass tanks” with the highest default starting attack but very low HP and defense.

WIP Stat selection

That’s not all though, I also added the ability to change your starting stats, effectively eliminating the balance issue. You can remove points in stats to reallocate them, including the stats given to you (time will tell if that breaks anything), though keep in mind that the stats you gain on level up will still support each class’s role. I’ve selected the drakonian here to show that the other classes do indeed work. That and out of all of the species put into the game, they’re my personal favorite. Just some trivia no one cares about I guess.

Now an in-game screenshot.

Yep, in case you couldn’t tell, most of the graphics are still .PNGs. I still don’t understand why they’re doing that when my custom format has perfect transparency. What’s weird is that the background is what the BG color was in GIMP before I erased it, as you can see by the crown with the blue BG. Speaking of the crown, now there are more items, and a working inventory system. There are currently weapons, armor, and one item (a potion that fully replenishes your health). There are graphics for some secondary gear items, but none of them are currently being used, as I plan for that part of the equipment system to be something that can be ditched if I need to. However, the weapons and armor work in a …rather odd way. One I might actually decided to keep and design the game around. Right now, they act in the same way as the potion, meaning that they are consumed after one use. This means that if you change your weapon, the weapon you’re currently using is lost, completely replaced by the new one. They also stack, providing a rather odd strategy, especially when coupled with the fact that all of the classes now have elemental weaknesses, resistances, and immunities.

Just showing off the WIP inventory screen.

Alright, here’s hoping that I’ll get a playable alpha build up by tomorrow. We’ll see how people like it and if it does well, I’ll try and update it more.

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