CEET 7DRL Team – D[e]ad: TCRL – “Complete” – SUCCESS!

After a tiring week of hard work. The first RL made by CEET team was completed. We could not do everything we were planning, but we managed to build a prototype with the basic characteristics of our game:

– Automatic generation of dungeons;
– Use Cards as Skills, equipment and feat;
– Drop of Cards;
– Deck hand and stack of disposable, common elements in TCG;
– Normal RL gameplay;

The game is still a prototype of what we really want, there are still some bugs and would be grateful if reporting bugs they find.


“There once was a man whose daughter was kidnaped by the King’s Army. He had to rescue her before her death, but the only way to do it was fighting against the worst monsters that lived behind the portal. So he and other two fathers went fighting in this tournament, but only one could come back alive from this journey.”

How to play:

– Handling: Numpad (1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9);
– End turn: Numpad (5);
– Use Pocket Cards: key (1, 2, 3, 4, 5);
– Some skills need to be targeted as MC Fireball, then just press the direction you want to use the card to activate it after;
– Down stairs: (dot);

Game: http://7drl.org/?attachment_id=8938

D[e]ad TCRL


Game made by CEET 7drl Team for the 7drl 2015.

  • Martinazzi Rafael
  • Elisa Kobi
  • Jorge Malaquias
  • Roberto Soresine
  • Rafael Ribeiro
  • Leon Zigoni
  • Paulo Victor

And a great thank you to our teachers.


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