Conservation of Ninjutsu – 7DRL 2015 Success


So, as my first participating year, i should write a blog post with some details of what worked and what not on my development process.


  • Things that went “Yay!”
    • Unity 5 has a real quick workflow, much better than the 4.x versions. Working on the UI was a breeze (although my game could use some polish).
    • Graphics done in Inkscape, let me create quick mockups and then use the same graphics to work on the game.
    • Targetted mobile and desktop from inception, making Android release a breeze.
    • Deploying on a WebGL target also worked great on the end, allowing me to ask people to playtest the game quickly. Lots of inputs meant lots of polish.
    • Using Openshift as the deployment server also favored quick turnaround times, using GIT to deploy your latest version is a dream come true.
    • Core game mechanics were solid from the beggining, leading to a simple but deep  strategic roguelike setting.
    • Gained a lot of twitter followers just interacting with fellow participants on the #7DRL tag. That’s priceless.
  • Things that went “Nay!”
    • Had to decide pretty early on to cut down on features, due to this week being a little too harsh on real-life, things that were on the chopping block: Audio, drops, different weapons, inventory management and achievements.
    • There’s a funny bug when you click on yourself that makes you commit suicide, LOTS of people have found this bug the hard way.
    • Early on there was no tutorial, which led to a lot of frustrated players.
    • There’s like A LOT to do: Make attacks more juicy, fix a bug were you see a lot of black tiles when using the grappling hook for long distances, implement the dropped features, promote the game to get more users.
    • The map generator only focuses atm on the castle. There’s a lot of room to improvement like towns, different non-aggro AIs, stores, etc.
    • AI is pretty awkward, it in fact doesn’t uses pathfinding. This needs fixing.
  • Things that went “Meh”
    • I used Unity ads for the mobile version, i have to test it a lot before deciding if it was worth it or not.
    • Graphics aren’t the best, maybe consider paying an artist to fix them in the future, if the game takes off.
    • The game isn’t that fun because the uninteresting map, so i had to spawn the player very near the castle, making it a short experience.
    • The end-game survival scenario needs more difficulty and more enemies spawning constantly around the player, atm if you flee the farthest away on the map, you can almost always win.

If you want to play the WebGL version, go to the Openshift instance. If you want to install it on android go to its Google Play page.

You can follow me on Twitter, Google Plus or check my blog too (updated sparsely).

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