Down There – Completed (sort of)

Down There - home
Hello everybody, my name’s Marco and this is my first time in a 7DRL Challenge.
My little game is called “Down There“, and indeed it has a quite classic structure. It features an endless randomly generated dungeon with monsters and treasures (each level is a bit larger and a bit more difficult than the previous one) and you – the fearless hero – have skills (health and strenght) levels based on XP, and you can find healing potions and magic scrolls, in order to increase your raiding chances.
I wasn’t able to add sound or music (sorry) and when I started coding six days ago I hoped to add more RPG elements – but at the end I simply was not fast enought to do it.
Game is meant to be played on a mobile device (iOS and Android) but to be able to release it today I’ve put here the Windows version – the only one I’ve got ready.
Down There - Attack
During the game you can use mouse to click on onscreen controls, but you can also use cursors to move, space to attack, Z to use potions (if you got them) and X to use magici (if you got scrolls).
Down There - use magic
Anyway, I’ve work a lot of night hours – in a really short period – to try to finish everything in time – but I really enjoyed it. I hope you can enjoy my game too .-)
Ah, if you are able to read italian (or if you don’t mind to let google translator have fun with my words) and if you’re curious about it on my blog there are some details about the developing process.
Regards .-)

Ah – here there’s a little clip to show the game in action: Down There clip .-)

Author: MarcoGiorgini

Marco Giorgini (1971) was born in Modena, Italy, were he still lives with his wife, and where he works as Head of R&D in one of the most important Italian software houses that deal in applied linguistics. As hobby, he created games (mostly unfinished) all his life, and, since 2008, this passion became something a little more "serious" when he started to make games for mobile devices with a friend - under the "MG Production" label. easySoccer, King Soccer, Street Basket: OneOnOne and RoboXcape are probably his most downloaded games.

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