Fall Girl – Success

I just finished my entry after staying up essentially all night!! Not my plan from the outset but it worked.

fg01 fg02 fg03 fg04

Download: http://7drl.org/?attachment_id=9003

FALL GIRL is a story of the day singularity happened, a rambunctious teen, cybernetic enhancement, time dilation, suburban battery theft, hoverboards, gigantic office buildings, a love/hate relationship with a rogue AI, and family. And most of all, it’s about good timing.

The OOC rundown: it’s a real time bullet hell roguelike, or at least my best attempt at combining the two genres. I focused a decent bit on having a complete story and music which left a couple of the mechanics in odd places, but overall nothing is actually broken as far as I can tell. You play as a cyborg and level up by adding chips to your BCI to dilate time further, letting you fight quicker enemies.

I’ve uploaded a windows executable for now. Potentially will do other systems later, but I’m about to pass out from not sleeping.

Good morning and/or night.

(P.S: twitter!! @ise1000000!! cool!?)

1 thought on “Fall Girl – Success”

  1. I love the narrative you put into the game! It seems like a fun story which isn’t very common for the genre the way you did it. I like that you had your own take. Not a complaint but I was thinking after dying like 5 times trying to get the battery that it would be nice to not click through he story every time. I had an idea of rather than a skip option to remember how far in the story people get and only show the story from that point. The one thing that did bug me was that the enemies seemed to be able to attack diagonal but I couldn’t figure out how to do diagonal. Very nice entry! Thanks for posting it.

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