HarvestRL – End of Day 6

Only one day left, and most of that day I won’t be able to work. I spent today getting the victory and loss conditions finished, and polishing other areas of the game. And just for Darren’s sake, the game does not automatically quit when you press Escape. The AI was improved, but it’s still bad. It definitely needs more work, which is disappointing since that means the combat aspect will be underwhelming.

The main goal for tomorrow is to finish the generator and food stuffs. Then the rest of the time will be spent on upgrading the AI. There is also no way to save the game or your final score, but since I programmed this in C++ I’m not sure there’s an easy way to dump the structures onto the disk. If there’s time, I’ll add that. Otherwise, it’s not important; if the game isn’t sufficiently interesting to play for long periods of time (or people die too quickly) then it doesn’t matter if you can’t save.

This is shaping up to be a very different game from what I initially expected. At this point though, I’m going to bed.

3 thoughts on “HarvestRL – End of Day 6”

  1. I finished at 9pm last night UK time and I can certainly understand your exhaustion. I put about 100 hours into my 7DRL and it really took it out of me.

    I wouldn’t worry about saving: the vast majority of 7DRLs don’t have a save option, and wisely so: it could easily lead to hard to track down bugs.

  2. That’s good to know about saving, I’ll definitely focus on the other aspects of the game then. I’m sure people could play a 7DRL for hours on end, but the goal is probably to create something shorter in time scope anyway.

    I do plan on continuing development, but HarvestRL will be a complete game regardless of how “good” it is.

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