Middle Management’s Souls: Success

ScreenShot03-15-15 05-44-42

We’ve been working on a first person procedural dungeon crawler and decided this week to try to roll some of that work and assets into a standalone thing for 7drl.

We played around with some pretty odd ideas and were originally trying for a bit like  Spelunky mixed with a brawler. We are really big on overambitious ideas.

However, we ended up with something like a janky Dark Souls with some Office Space jokes thrown in about a magic robot collecting souls for its corporate masters.  Mostly a success as you can run around finding souls, battling monsters, and collecting loot though we didn’t get in all the features we wanted. The procedural works fairly well but it mostly lacks content.

Playable  here for plain Unity web plugin. “Escape” once the game loads shows the controls and allows you to adjust the quality options.

ScreenShot03-15-15 05-45-12ScreenShot03-15-15 05-52-49ScreenShot03-15-15 05-52-07

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