No Way But Down – Success

Since this is my first 7DRL entry, I thought I would set a modest goal. I would take a functioning rogue-like game, and modify it so I could test different AIs. However I still managed to complicate matters by wanting to change/add to the menu/equipment system and re-write the level generation. If I was able to spend the full 168 hours that might have been feasible,  but I wasn’t able to put more than 48 hours combined so I didn’t get to test all the AIs I had in mind. I was able to implement a simple competing goal AI, but without much time for testing the game is also quite imbalanced. Typical plays can last only a few seconds or minutes, or if the player can get a coveted piece of equipment or potion to permanently buff their stats, they are almost unstoppable until they reach much deeper into the cave.

Here are a few screenshots and a sample play-through:




I have compiled binaries for 32-bit Linux systems: nwbd-linux-i386.tar.gz, as well as 64-bit Linux systems: nwbd-linux-x86_64.tar.gz, though the game should compile under most Debian-based Linux systems.

I will also try to provide a binary for Windows 7, but I have yet to successfully compile the libtcod library with MINGW.

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