Rogue Space Marine – Success!

I am proud to announce the completion of my 7DRL 2015 entry, Rogue Space Marine.

Here’s a 30-minute “Let’s Play” of the first few levels of the game with some developer commentary explaining how it works.

Game features:

  • Unique, ability-based, fast-paced tactical combat.
  • “Asynchronous” turn-based play. Each action requires a different amount of time, both for the player and for enemies.
  • Two ways to clear a level: eliminate all enemies, or visit all checkpoints.
  • Time pressure from the “red alert” countdown clock. When it expires, all enemies will lock on to your position and close in!
  • 25 enemy types, all of which have different AI, attacks, speed, and sensory abilities.
  • 10 active abilities and 3 passive abilities that help you progress through the game.
  • When the player takes damage, a random ability is lost for the remainder of the level. Abilities are restored and a randomly selected new ability is granted when the level is completed.

It has been a long week. I have never programmed a game before, so I was learning by doing, and at times, it was incredibly frustrating. I learned all about AI, state machines, procedural content generation, and many other aspects of game programming that I was always interested in, but never had any practical experience with. I somehow found about 50 hours of free time to work on this project, much of which was taken out of my normal sleep schedule (this week was fairly busy at my full-time job). Even though it was a difficult week, I gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience, and I had a lot of fun in the process.

While Rogue Space Marine is “complete” in the sense that you can play it from start to finish, there are still a lot of features that I would have liked to implement, but didn’t have time for. I think I will probably spend some time after the 7DRL polishing up Rogue Space Marine for my own enjoyment.

Here is the download link (Windows Installer):


Brett “TheSleeve” Gildersleeve

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Making my foray into the world of game programming by participating in my first 7DRL. My day job involves designing audio processing electronics for the music tech industry. I am also a polyglot and addicted to travel... I have lived on 3 continents and visited over 40 countries around the world!

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