Roli Day 7 Complete!


We sacrificed the more complicated block patterns for time to polish up a bit before submitting to the #7DRL. The levels will go on infinitely, but I didn’t have enough time to balance them out. The speed gets way out of hand starting at level 4. Level 4 is pretty much impossible and I think might throw an error due to the speed, so if anyone gets past that, let me know, haha.

There are other things we would have liked to add to the gameplay,  so much so that we will continue to iterate on it.  We had an insane amount of fun thinking of what to design when the theme of “rogue like” appeared before our eyes (please note this is the other person typing = its 4:37am).   The main focal point for the art was to give it an other worldly and dimensional feel.  The background and foreground scheme were set to enhance the ambiance. The fantasy fiction setting has a little bit of inspiration from Frank Herbert.

Anyways, had a lot of fun putting this together this week even though it’s not a traditional rogue-like. We thought the randomized block patterns in the levels would substitute for the level randomization and, of course, we also have “permadeath” in a way (just starting over from level 1).

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!  We hope you enjoy playing Roli!

Game can be played here:

David and Pamela


Author: Blosser

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  1. Added note – The artwork was made the last day and half of the 7 day challenge. It was my first time in unity but I tried to at least adjust the shaders/skybox to give it a bit more atmosphere. Definitely will continue working on this game since its a neat concept.

    hope to review everyone elses soon! Pam

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