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I added some more minor gameplay and ui tweaks and reworked the level generator. I like it much more now. Also added spike walls that instantly kill anything that bumps into them (or is bumped into them) and a single health potion on each level. It seems like it should be easy, but I keep dying.

I could add more but I tried my idea and it’s kind of fun and I’ve got a week’s worth of cleaning and laundry to catch up on.


Terrible Clojure source on github:

Download the jar:

4 thoughts on “RUNNER_PUNCHER success!”

  1. Just tried the game on a Mac OSX 10.10, and having a hard time making it capture any keyboard input. The mouse works just fine, but its hard to re-play in-game 🙂

    Besides that, it’s a pretty cool game. Loving the running and punch mechanics so far.


  2. 1 The shop screen doesn’t seem to effect anything, no matter what I buy, the next level I start with the items and gold I previously had.
    2 I managed to get the amulet then make my way up to level -2, and then the stairs didn’t do anything.

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