Academic Rogue – Success!

Academic Rogue gameplay

Academic Rogue

Academic Rogue is traditional 7DRL meant to try out a couple new mechanics and serve as a prototype for larger game (maybe?) Either way, I had a ton of fun developing it this year and it’s good to have a 7DRL done after a few years’ break. It can be downloaded here, just needs Java to run.

Good stuff

Finishing is good. An enjoyable semi-balanced game is also good. Plus, we got all the test mechanics implemented!

  • Enemy generation – it’s a little simplified, but each enemy encounter is procedurally generated, with monsters broken into rivals, hoards, etc. It provides a nice intensity curve.
  • Camping – with the game broken into nights, there’s no need for experience and there are a lot of fun tactical decisions around when to camp and what skills to raise.
  • Loadouts – camps drag around extra items, and extra skills as skills are linked to items. It turns out to be a decent compromise for inventory bloat vs hard limits.

Not so good stuff

I kind of regret going so hard on this that I failed to check out many other projects or really get any visibility at all. It also would’ve been nice to ditch the legacy code copied from other projects (no one wants to write LoS and things for 7DRL, but it would’ve saved a lot of bugfixing time…). We also didn’t have anyone dedicated on visuals, which would’ve helped the mishmashed presentation. Hey, at least those old fire and warp shaders are still doing their job.

Based on feedback and further testing, the rest of the WombatRPGs team and I will be looking at where go with the new concepts.

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