Die Rogue – Success!

I managed to finish a game in 7 days, with sounds and effects, like I planned!
It took a lot of time making everything myself (except stock music and sound) and I basically cut all contact with humans for that duration. So I feel both terrible and very happy!

Die Rogue

It’s a game where you shake, roll and choose dice to complete quests. All while on a timer to your certain doom!

It’s a very minimal game, fast and tense. And unfortunately can’t be understood on your first life.  There’s too much going on and I didn’t have enough time to make a better tutorial. But you’ll have fun just playing it, apparently it’s good! I’d love to develop this idea further, making it more user-friendly so that you will know what to do on your first try, but only after I get some rest. 🙂

Play it Here

But it’s still a different game than I initially planned. Without a few things like having even more things going on with a text bubble just to mess with your mind. But having this strict deadline really helped condense the game, it’s much more focused that I expected!

I was using Starling for good performance in Flash. NAPE physics engine to make dice move, a sound class and a particle class. At one point every one of these things failed horribly.

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