EienteiRL – Success?


EienteiRL is a touhou themed coffee break roguelike (that usually takes twenty minutes for a death), where you must control your character piercing through the intricate mansion Eientei to find out the true culprit behind this fake moon incident. It is theoretically winnable, and definitely losable. Builds are available for Windows and Mac, and the source is available on Github.


It was finished within time but I feel a lot of possible cool features cut out, and the 7DRL version contains some very unexpected behaviors. Also the deck system is in game complete yet hard to use. Still, I feel I have implemented some fine innovation into this short little (but maybe hard) game.

Some features (or maybe idiosyncrasies) worth mentioning:

  • Hunger clock is implemented by a real in-game clock where you must defeat the boss before the in-game 5AM.
  • No inventory system, but there are some items (such as point items) that takes instant effect.
  • You upgrade your abilities through the unique “deck” system.
  • Pseudo bullet hell: lots of bullets on the screen, but you do not actually dodge them yourself — you keep moving and the bullets will be automatically “grazed”.

And for those who are willing to try this out, I recommend reading the guide first (and the download links are included within the guide), since this game features two unique systems that need explicite explanation.


  1. Edit your deck! I know it is hard to edit (and I apologize for that), but bring some extra skills into your deck does not hurt. (Check the guide for possible skills to bring into a deck)
  2. Bullets deal high damage, and getting caught into a fight with rabbits when grazing sea of bullets will likely induce heft damage to you (and this might be the most frequent cause of death).
  3. Some skills are really worth upgrading while some are really worth not upgrading, bring only a congenial amount of cards for each skill.

Special Thanks

  • My family for allowing me to ditch schoolwork during schooldays to participate in this awesome challenge.

I am too tired and too busy to write a whole-purposed blog post about this experience for now (as you can see I need to wait two days before announcing the finish), but will write about this someday.


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