Nebulous Infinity – A roguelike shoot ’em up

Nebulous Infinity  Construct 2 preview

Hello! Here’s my entry to the 7DRL challenge: Nebulous Infinity!

I’m very proud of this one, even if there’s still a lot of work to be done on it. I’m hoping to spend more time polishing it up and adding more level chunks in the near future, but for now, enjoy the jam build!

Nebulous Infinity by Virtually Competent

Ever since you were a child, you’ve been obsessed with tales of the Infinity Nebula…an amalgam of drifting metal and rock that is rumored to contain great riches…and even greater peril. Rumors say the floating structures contained within it seem to be constantly moving and reorganizing themselves, almost as if to confuse and trap any pilot stupid enough to enter the nebula.

Of course, rumors also say there’s a network of one-eyed slime creatures that travel freely throughout the nebula and corner the market with their performance enhancing hard candies, so any sane person should probably take all this with a grain of salt.

Luckily (or unluckily, depending on who you ask), you’re no sane person! Now that you’re old enough to get your pilot’s license, it’s time to achieve your childhood dream of eating all the forbidden candy mapping out one of the galaxy’s greatest mysteries. Let’s go!

Controls (Keyboard):

  • Shift – Start/Pause the game
  • Z – Shoot/enter shop (if over landing pad)
  • X – Activate Magnet
  • C – Cycle through powerups/bombs
  • Space – Use selected powerup/bomb

Controls (Xbox 360 Gamepad):

  • Start – Start/Pause the game
  • X button – Shoot/enter shop (if over landing pad)
  • A button – Activate Magnet
  • L/R bumpers – Cycle through powerups/bombs
  • Y button – Use selected powerup/bomb

Tips and Tricks:

  • After destroying enemies, activate your magnet to pull credits towards you…collecting a bunch in quick succession will earn you a huge bonus!
  • Sometimes enemies will drop powerups, but crates are guaranteed to have a powerup in them every time!
  • You can’t tell what a powerup does until you try it or take it to a shop to get it identified. Be careful – they’re not always good!
  • You can squeeze into some pretty tight areas, but if your ship starts turning red, you’re too close to the wall! Back off quickly or you’ll explode!
  • Actually, don’t fly nose-first into any walls, either. That’s also bad.
  • Shops are guaranteed to appear every 5 sectors, but may also appear in normal sectors if you’re lucky. Be sure to buy some Movement Ups if you want to survive the speed increase that comes with it!
  • Be sure to post your score to Twitter at the end the round to show the other pilots who’s boss! (NOTE: there seems to be a bug where the Twitter button doesn’t spawn at the end of your first game, but it WILL spawn on subsequent games. Sorry about that!)

Programming by Eric Neuhaus (@donkeyspaceman)
Art by Colin Greenhalgh (@CuddlyColin)
Music by Reid Turner (@ReidRTurner)

Built in Scirra Construct 2
Additional sound effects made with Bfxr

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