Outlaw Space: Success!


Please check out Outlaw Space located here:

Play Outlaw Space !

Controls: WASD(or arrow keys) + SPACE + ESC +I for inventory

The team pushed hard to the very end and we’re happy to say the team made it!

A Lot Went Right

The programming team has years of experience working together and it showed. They did a great job dividing up tasks so that each member was working in an area of strength. Additionally, a high level of familiarity with Unity allowed the team to quickly jump into Unity 5.

The game design ended up being very close to what we set out to make and we think it shows a lot of promise. We’ll be evaluating the game and the feedback we receive to determine if we should continue developing the larger game.

The art team did a fantastic job with the direction and execution of the game. It’s incredibly difficult to create unique looking art direction these days and the team was able to pull something off in an incredibly short period of time. We really like the contrast of the hand painted backgrounds with the pixel art characters.

Some Went Wrong

As is often the case in game development, we probably bit off more than we could chew. Some features we wanted to get in, got axed. Some polish items should have probably been punted in favor of time. Some questionable pizza should probably not have been eaten.


Can’t say enough how proud I am of the team. These guys did this challenge on a voluntary basis and most of them worked in their off hours to get things done.

Also, please let us know what you think. We would truly love to hear from you!

Finally, congratulations to all the other entries in this year’s challenge! It was really great to follow all your progress and we all can’t wait to check out your finished games!

Now time for some well deserved rest.

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