Rogue Sector (SUCCESS)

rsIt should have been a standard patrol mission. You had wrapped up your sweep and were returning to the Leviathan when a hijacked wormhole led you to this rogue sector. The good news: the onboard nav has calculated a route back to the Leviathan. The bad news: it’s going to be a long trip through six sectors filled to the brim with asteroids and bandits.

Rogue Sector is a game of dogfights in space. To win, you must locate and arrive at the wormhole in each of six sectors, outwitting a squadron of enemy fighters along the way — because you will surely not be able to outgun them all. Use the asteroids as tactical cover, and try not to crash into anything. You may yet make it back alive.

Choose from three ships: the Dart has excellent maneuverability but weak weapons and armor, the Cobra is a slow-moving tank with rear fire capability, and the Blade is a medium fighter that can execute tight maneuvers in a pinch.

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2 thoughts on “Rogue Sector (SUCCESS)”

  1. Thanks for posting about your game! I checked it out and I like how you tried to translate space flight into the roguelike concept. I worked on a space roguelike last year and was very interested in the design challenges of showing momentum and tactical maneuvering of piloting a ship in space. Using the hex grid was a great approach. I like that there are different ships with various steering mechanisms and the ability to push the envelope a bit. Nice work!

    1. Glad to hear you liked it! Momentum was something I wanted to represent in Rogue Sector, which is why even the light fighter is forced to advance into the next space before turning. Making a move entails a partial commitment to your next move, and so forth. I’m really pleased with how the maneuvering turned out.

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