Warden’s Duty – Success!

My 2015 7DRL is finished, playable and offers some tactical depth and fun play. The game cannot be won and success is measured by the deepest floor you visit (and the amount of gold you manage to find).

Warden's Duty Screenshot

Play it online: http://ondras.github.io/wardens-duty/

The source code is available at GitHub. I used several small functions from rot.js (RNG, color manipulation), but the game is generally written in vanilla JavaScript (ES6, to be more precise).

I am out of time for a full-featured blog post, but the game itself is very straightforward and features an unobtrusive tutorial system. You only use movement keys, numbers and Enter for confirmations.


  • Easy-to-read, large, uncomplicated UI
  • Procedurally generated everything (including textures)
  • Permadeath
  • Turn-based
  • Over-sized glyphs
  • Deterministic combat
  • Shopkeepers
  • Traps, chests, pools
  • Sharing on teh social netwerkz
  • Very few visible numbers (I am looking at you, dgray)
  • Semi-hidden references to other roguelikes
  • Semi-hidden reference to Discworld

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