Goblin Gold (success)


My first 7DRL. Goblins guard treasure chests in the wilderness; retrieve them.

The game is primarily built around a single mechanic: the goblins will not stand alone against you. They gather around out of your range until there are two or more of them who can rush you, to try to guarantee they can do some damage.

To attack them without being injured in return you have to arrange things so that, when you kill one of the goblins attacking you the remaining one will not have any reinforcements ready to move in. Finding himself in danger, he will scamper back out of range instead of attacking.

This is on the puzzle-game end of the Roguelike spectrum. I was inspired heavily by Hoplite. Monsters are one-hit kills and move in fairly deterministic ways, so it’s about recognizing monster patterns that are and aren’t dangerous.

The game is a 240 KB Windows executable; the tileset and font are embedded in it so that’s the only thing you need.

I started from a roguelike engine I’d written years ago; the big changes to it this time around were using a hex grid, a proportional font, animation, and whole-group pathfinding. Icons come from the Dawnlike tileset, a fantastic resource.

Author: James McNeill

I've been a game programmer at Sucker Punch Productions since 2004, Midway and Westwood before that.

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