RNG & Planet Generator – Double Success

I made “RNG”, an unimaginatively named ship-to-ship combat game with a few different intermittent events.


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Additionally, I made Planet Generator one day post-jam because I liked how the planets turned out. You can see try it out below.

Planet Generator (WIP)

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I’ve participated in quite a few jams in the past, and already made a small more traditional roguelike in the past for another jam, so I figured I’d go for a roguelike-like (as much as I know the term is disliked) instead this time around.

The Game:

The gameplay consists of a few different random encounters, such as Drones, Containers, and a mysterious Portal surrounded by fanatics. All events are resolved by rolling dice  from your inventory.

You have a single indestructible Captain’s Die that can be used to roll most things in the game, in case you run out of normal dice that are consumed on roll. The drawback with the Captain’s Die is that it’s a d8, while consumable dice can range between d4 and d20.

Technical tidbits:

All player actions are rolled via a seeded random, although since that includes minuscule actions such as slotting dice, it doesn’t really matter in the end with anything but your ship layout which is rolled in the beginning. Combat and visual stuff is non-seeded.

The ship slot layout generator uses random Bin-Packing that was made for a previous project that didn’t end up going anywhere.

The planet generation uses a pretty common method of colouring (Perlin) noise, with some additional detailing added for fun.

Development & Feedback:

Screenshots and progress via my Twitter @dashrava.

Feedback much welcome there, or in the comments.


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