Vamps N Wolves (success)

Here’s the final version of my 2015 7drl:

It was really a 2drl. I set a very low bar for myself, to avoid failure. Then I crested that bar on the second day, and didn’t really do anything else for the rest of the contest.

I COULD have added a great deal of AV polish, but that’s not what a 7DRL is really about. I could also have kept adding features and functionality, but I wasn’t feeling it. What I imagined was a simple puzzle-positioning game, and I achieved that.  Adding an inventory, or LOS, or more complex combat, I felt was superfluous. So I just stopped working on it.

Next time, perhaps I’ll set my goals higher, shooting for a more general-purpose RL expression. But for now, I’m happy simply to have participated.


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