Heart of Morning – Success

This year went a lot better for me than last year; I had my 7drl from last year to cannibalize for parts, so I didn’t have to implement everything from scratch this time. My timer went from Saturday night to Saturday night. I released a few bugfix updates on Sunday after people other than me tested it and found a bunch of crashes, but nothing in the gameplay changed in those updates.

Heart of Morning is a pretty straightforward retrieve-the-MacGuffin dungeon crawl, with one twist: You start as an endgame-level character, the victorious hero of a previous roguelike. The wrinkle is that the dungeon is very gear-hostile, featuring rust monsters and dire astrojags and the like; replacement equipment is highly uncommon, so you’ll struggle to lose as little gear as possible as you make your way through the dungeon, hoping to retain enough of it to fight and win the final battle at the bottom.

My only real regret for this 7drl is that the dungeon generation fell by the wayside– I implemented ugly but functional maps in order to get the game rolling, then never had time to go back and implement my planned dungeon generation (four areas with four unique level generators). I intend to release an updated version of the game sometime in the next few weeks that adds that back in, and fixes some other minor design issues, but the 7drl version will remain available on my website indefinitely for posterity.

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