Blackfeather — unfinished

I failed to make what I consider a finished game this year. I had only about two coding sessions, much of which involved getting my basic engine to work the way I wanted it to. Despite starting with the excellent ROT.js, I spent more time getting the basics working than actually developing the more novel concepts I’d envisioned.

Hits: easy-to-play, web-based play, data-based monster manual, satisfying FOV and map display, functional leveling up, display art of monsters that are in FOV.

Misses: no ranged combat, no equipping, no real win condition, no character swapping, no merchants.

I’m having fun working on it though, so I’m going to keep working on it. You can check it out on GitHub in the Starstew/Blackfeather repository. Just download the ZIP and open the index.html in your favorite browser. Should work. Use arrow keys to explore maps and bump-attack monsters.

If you see this before March 23rd, 2015, you should check out the “Elf” KickStarter, and see the baudy silly fantasy that inspired the theme for this game.

Author: Starstew

I live in Portland, Oregon.

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