“Ardennes” Post-7DRL Release

Since I didn’t have as much time to work on the 7DRL during the competition that I’d hoped, I’ve been working on adding the features that I wanted to get into the game since then.  The original version is still available at the game’s page, but I’ve uploaded a new version that has several new features.

cat_and_mouseThe first new feature is a new mission called Cat and Mouse.

In this mission, you are trying to evacuate a field hospital before the Nazi front reaches it.  Suddenly, a shot rings out – a sniper is trying to pin you down so that you cannot leave.  What follows is a game of “cat and mouse” as you try to flush the Master Sniper out before it’s too late to evacuate the wounded soldiers.

This mission includes a special enemy with hidden movements who needs to be revealed using some special scenario-based cards in order to be attacked.


Another new feature are Wound Cards.  Instead of just getting a wound condition, now the wound cards get inserted into your hand of cards, which pollutes your ability to move around the map and take actions.  They are handled like any other challenge; grazes tend to go away when handled, but wounds, even if they are stabilized, leave behind a Debilitated wound card that has no effect, but stays in your played cards permanently.



Finally, there’s a new “Flip Defense” method by which enemies attack.  When an enemy attacks you, you will typically have to “flip” one of your cards of a particular type.  If you can’t flip a card of that type, you suffer the effects of the attack.  For instance, you might need to flip a Stealth card or else that scout will increase the threat.

The hexes you are in provide some cover in this context; each hex has a number of Stealth and Tactics “flips” that they can provide, but they must be shared amongst all the soldiers in that hex.

Flipped cards flip back over at the start of the Allies turn, so they do not make your actions unavailable.  But you do need to think ahead about what focus you need both for attacking and defending.

Hope you enjoy the game!

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