KORZ-RL v1.01 minor (post-7DRL 2015) update

Today I’ve released a small maintenance update of the finished 7DRL KORZ-RL game. The original 7DRL 2015 v1.00 version remains available on the site (see below for link).

Changed in v1.01:

  • Added new Wait key for turn-based Roguelike mode, default is Numpad key 5
  • High score is now stored
  • Toyed a bit with the level generator parameters, although the changes are probably too minor to be really noticeable
  • Fixed crash when pressing R in main menu when there was no game to Resume
  • Added About option to main menu
  • Various minor corrections and enhancements that have to do with redefining keys

Refer to the CHANGELOG.TXT included in the ZIP file for full details.

You can download both this new v1.01 version and the original 7DRL v1.00 release here.

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