Day 1

I started my 7drl in the morning and thanks to reusing much code from my last year’s Beware the Space Bears, I have quite a lot of ground work already done. Switching from Unicode characters to graphical tiles was actually rather simple thanks to rot.js.

Start Screen
Start screen where you can select your gender. More stuff probably coming there.
Game view with items and mobs.

I don’t really know yet what the idea of the game is, but hopefully I get some ideas soon. Originally I thought that this time I wouldn’t pay attention to mobile compatibility, but since it’s not that hard and rather cool, I’m going to maintain it anyway.

1 thought on “Day 1”

  1. I spent a few hours on Beware the Space Bears. I really liked having to juggle the different resources/healthbars.

    “I don’t really know yet what the idea of the game is, but hopefully I get some ideas soon.” Lol. Sometimes making stuff up with no long term goal is the best way to make wild and crazy things. Good luck!

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