The Prancing Bard – Day 1

Yay, 7drl and I chose to work on an idea I was having for quite some time.

The planned core mechanic in a nutshell:


While you move, you play notes, depending on the direction. With this you play songs to throw magic at monsters. I have still no idea, wheter this will work out in a dungeon crawler. Is it applicable for a roguelike anyway? Let’s find out!

Code-wise I use libtcod in python and took my published roguelike rng clrc as a start. I ripped out all code apart from the basics, in fact this lead close to the libtcod+python tutorial.

Here are some things, that inspired me:

Darren Grey’s 7DRL Mosaic has pattern and music coupled in an interesting way.

The Hunting Horn from the Monster Hunter-Series is a lovely weapon.

2 thoughts on “The Prancing Bard – Day 1”

  1. Will it end up a bit like Street Fighter or something? Like you see a flammable monster coming so you say aha! I will cast fireball song! Left, up, downright, downright: fireball song away! Fwoosh. Mob is dead.

    1. Yeah, kind of like this. Street Fighter and Konami Code would be very cool indeed :).

      I try to be less deterministic, so my current plan is to have a random sequence of notes displayed, representing the “music of the world”. When you match like 5 notes of “your song” with this general tune, you cast the magic. This way there is always different possibilities and new patterns.

      I do not know yet, whether it will be fun, and it might turn out mor on the puzzle side of games.

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