Crashsight* – Day one.

So, I started my 7DRL today . Even though I wanted to reserve some of those precious weekend hours.  I had every intention of working on my Street Fighter 2 based roguelike this week… it just didn’t work out.  I chose at the last minute to work on my original idea. .. which may or may not work out.

The premise is simple.  The job was easy.  As a probe, land on a planet, assess it’s conquerability… report back.  Then something went wrong.. and now you’ve crash landed.  The goal of the game is… as the AI assigned to take over when communication is lost… to pull yourself back together and contact headquarters.


I  really like the creeper world series.  That was my loosely based inspiration for this.  It’s a game about maintaining a power grid, while preventing things from doing things that will make it hard to maintain your power grid.

We’ll see how it goes…. but things in the inital 10 hours have been positive.**

*- Misspelling is totally intentional.  It fits the theme of the game.. and confuses google.

** – Things have not been positive.  Bugs suck.

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