Project Dog Day 2 (Nothing but framework)

So at the tail of day 2 I’ve finally managed to get the basic implementation of my regiment mechanic up and running. I did have a framework prepared ahead of time in the hopes that I could save some time but I had to rewrite a lot in order to make it suitable. Bad planning on my part(nothing new there). Seeing as how most of the work involved the architecture there aren’t many juicy screeenshots to show for it. Hopefully that will change tomorrow.

What I do have to show off is a simple screenshot demonstrating a simple regiment of units. As my artistic skills are just above that of a brick and below those of a sloth I’m using a set of sprites I purchased from Oryx Design Labs called Ultimate Fantasy Tileset. projectDogRegiment

Fingers crossed that I’ll have something a bit more exiting to show tomorrow.


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