The startup of our 7DRL codenamed Shedload

This is my 4th attempt at the challenge, and arguably I’ve yet to properly succeed. Each year I’ve teamed up with one other developer for collaboration… so in an effort to actually properly succeed this year, I’ve joined forces with a shedload of developers (three)!

Like the little garage band we are, we have Sebastian Boutin Blomfield on code (“hello world”), Bill Lowe on modern art (“huh?”) and Ian Buckley on fantastical sounds (“…”). Me, I’m on code as well.

Sebastian will be going on a band tour in the middle of the thing, Bill will head to GDC before the final boss/day… and I just had a sleepless night with a 4 month old baby having a coughing cold. So, we’re off to a great start and a weak finish!

But it’s all good! That’s pretty much the story of my previous 7DRLs, so we got this! Experience has to count for something!

So let’s leave it at a 5 second hook…
A mouse-controlled, graphical roguelike using Hearthstone-like trigger mechanics.

Mockup by Bill Lowe

Well, of preparations we have prepared a framework for this thing. We’ll be using Unity3D. Sebastian has already written a good start to a Brogue-like dungeon generator (no machine rooms), Dijkstra Maps, a Voxel renderer and a Mouse-based input system, while I’ve worked on the generic parts of the game’s framework (but alas, AI, UI and persistence have not been prepared!). Bill has made a glorious mockup of the art direction and Ian has made promises. The basic idea for this game came about last summer and the game design started three months ago, so one should think we come prepared… but, I have had those thoughts before…

Best luck to everyone in the challenge, and may success be with you at the end!

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