Arachne – Day 2

Today I implemented the basics of gameplay, including player movement, enemy spawning and basic AI.  Enemies can now chase you around the web and you can kill each other.  Even in a rudimentary state, the web geometry throws up some interesting situations.  When playtesting I ended up almost completely surrounded by enemies and would have been totally doomed on a regular grid, but managed to save myself by cutting across the centre of the web, which broke up the pattern of chasing enemies and let me take them out one by one.

160307 35Hrs

I put the ASCII characters in there just as placeholders at first, but since I quite like how it looks and don’t have any better art direction in mind I may just keep it.  The next five days will therefore probably be spent choosing a font.

2 thoughts on “Arachne – Day 2”

  1. I’ve been thinking about non-grid games. Voronoi diagrams would be cool but I never thought of spider webs. Really neat.

    Your last post showed what looked like a spring-based physics thing. Is that going to be a part of the gameplay?

    1. Yes! It’s kind of a turn-based game layered on top of real-time physics. So, as you move around the web it is deforming under the weight of you and your enemies and you’ll be able to thwip out new threads to create new paths and cut others. One way of dealing with enemies will be to just cut off the part of the web that they are sitting on and let them fall to their doom. But, cut too many and you could compromise the structure of the whole web…

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