Deep Despair – Day 1 Summary

This year is my third time entering the 7DRL Challenge, but only last year did I actually produce something of merit. This year I am reusing some previous code but with a different theme.

You play as a dwarf whose fortress is overrun. Everyone except you is dead, and the only thing left to keep you motivated is your love of gold. Your goal is to reclaim your fort, store all the gold back in the treasury (and keep it there), and not die in the process. Since more enemies will constantly spawn, it will be closer to a hero-defense style game. Hopefully that goal, combined with multiple ways to win and unusual clocks, will make this entry unique.

I started on the Sunday, due to Saturday being spent entirely at work, and got a level generator done as well as implementing any of the necessary functionality from my previous game. The goal for the next couple days is to refine the level generator, get enemies spawning and moving around to attack (AI was implemented previously, but I need to reconnect it), and have the ending condition work properly.

Screenshot of a basic dungeon layout from Deep Despair.
Screenshot of a basic dungeon layout from Deep Despair.

More details of what was accomplished on day 1 can be found on my blog. We’ll see how well days 2 and 3 go, since I anticipate my regular work and coding for this game will leave little time for me to blog about it.


2 thoughts on “Deep Despair – Day 1 Summary”

  1. Cool looking, but long corridors and lots of dead ends make for a lot of back tracking unless the dead ends have something really useful in them. Are you going to add extra connections or treasures to make it worth while?

  2. I already anticipate back tracking, which is worse given this kind of layout.

    Although I haven’t posted about this yet, I added extra rooms and some small caverns. Both of these break up the long corridors, but having extra connections is a good idea too. It will also make the back tracking less tedious.

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