Dungeons of cards day 1

What a phenomenal day! I’m not sure if it’s because this is my 6th 7DRL or because I’ve been playing around with Unity recently but I accomplished way more than I expected to. There’s now a simple level generator, a mix of enemies with a simple ai, a good deal of UI polish, and cards!

The basic idea for this one is to mix deck building and roguelike gameplay. So you will start by picking a couple “packs” to start your deck with and collect more cards along the way. Every time you move a card is drawn from your deck; attack cards go to your attack pile, defense cards to your defense pile, and others into your hand. If any of those is over the limit, then the oldest cards are discarded. Once you run out of cards to draw, your discard pile is reshuffled into your draw pile. Attack and defense piles are resolved when you bump into someone. It’s fast and versatile and seems to work well enough so far.

cards etc.

Here’s the enemies I have so far:

  • Lizard people have slightly lower stats but come in varieties with good attack or defense cards.
  • Undead have slightly lower health but will dump disease cards into your hand which force you to discard when drawn.
  • Plant creatures can use fewer cards but will dump cards into your hand which do nothing but take up space. They also have a lot of cards that regenerate health or draw more cards.

Sometimes the UI gets a bit cluttered when attacking so I’ll have to figure out a better way of showing which cards are played when a bunch are played at once. Here I attacked a mushroom thingy that had Plant armor, Plant armor, and Defense +1 in its defense pile. It sill died though. But the plant armors dumped two Leafs into my draw pile so it will slow me down.


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