Nexus of Worlds

We’d like to announce our game Nexus of Worlds for the 2016 7DRL Challenge, which pkingsbury and I are coding.  Here is the logo we designed:


Nexus of Worlds is being designed as a client/server multi-player game which uses a number of technologies. On the client-side, we are using:

While on the server-side, we’ll be using:

As our starting point, we have deployed ActionHero.js on a Digital Ocean instance. We then got Phaser.js to display our logo, and render a simple map with multiple characters on the map. You can see an example below:


We still have a lot to do over the next 7 days, including (and this is by no means exhaustive):

  • The stereotypical “village near the dungeon” as a starting location.
  • Randomly generated dungeon levels using cellular automata, and connected via a cave system generated using a brownian tree (or diffusion limited aggregation) algorithm
  • An inventory management system, with the ability to pick up, drop, equip/unequip items
  • Creature scent AI
  • Mini-map overlay
  • A final bad-ass boss
  • End-game condition which resets the dungeon-system
  • The ability to text-chat with other players

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