Codename Shedload – Day 1 and 2

As with every 7DRL, things are bound to go wrong just that one week. Babies get sick and must go to the hospital (but he’s ok), deadline at work takes slightly longer than you had estimated (but that’s ok too) and, of course, development never goes quite as smooth as one wishes for. Thus we are 2 days into this, and have barely got it playable yet.

Sebov improved his prepared input system with 8-directional movement and better mouse-support. He also extended his Dijkstra Map functionality. His flee-map calculations are blazing fast! And he’s probably done a lot of other little things too.

I started on UI functionality and gameplay straight off the bat, but got held back due to all the sickness mentioned to begin with here. We now have inventory mapped to the UI, tooltips for UI and entities in the scene, click-through prevention on the UI elements (that you don’t move in the world while interacting with the UI). There’s still some work to do. In particular weapon and shield equipment slots. But it’s going in the right direction!

You can already walk through multiple generated levels, kill monsters and die. Hopefully we’re able to get to the point of “minimum viable product” by the end of Day 3!

Ian started planning on audio, shifting through his vast library like the audio scholar he is. He even wrote a document detailing his plan!

Bill went about in a panic last night after seeing all the horrible things I do to the screen as I’m throwing in UI functionality. He stripped out the FOV overlay and tweaked things better, like he always does.


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