Growgue – Day 1

My first day is over, so now it’s time to introduce my game!

Growgue is a roguelike built around farming mechanics-planting, caring for, and eventually harvesting plants. Above ground, as well as in small patches throughout the dungeon, the player will find soil that can be used to grow plants. They’ll need to keep track of the conditions inside the dungeon: Things like heat, humidity, soil content, etc.

The game so far. Basic UI, logging, map rendering, and a main menu(not shown) are done.

That’s the goal, at any rate. So far, I’ve just started laying the *ahem* groundwork for the game. My last 7DRL was pretty underwhelming, in part because I rushed ahead too quickly and ended up spending much of the later days fixing critical errors that were popping up everywhere. This time, I’m pacing myself with an actual schedule: 2 days for building the engine and core systems, 3 days for building all of the necessary gameplay, and the 2 final days for filling out the game with content and adding polish/balance fixes. I’m also going to be running the game through Valgrind’s memcheck tool every night to ensure that I’m not leaving behind any stray crashes.

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