Very long night (days 2 and 3)

Well, day 2 was totally lost. I’ve spent less then an hour on a game.

But day 3, 8 March that is, was holyday, so much more progress – wires connection,  wires drawing,  generation of power producers and consumers done, astar included.

Now all those wires looks pretty messy, just as planned:


Now i have three working days and one Saturday, so roughly there are two full days of time. Two actual gameplay mechanics are planned – first is power failures, search for problems and repairing\emergent shutdowning, partially done but there is still a lot of work. And second is well, actually monsters. Without these two mechanics there won’t be a game, and if i have two days and two problems… well, perhaps readme\tutorial, final run, final bugs, polishing and balancing will all happen at last few hours and few minutes, as usual. Most hated part.

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