Auto RL: Day 3.5

So I’m halfway through the week and making okay progress on my Auto RL.  In the last 3-plus days I’ve replaced the fantasy graphics from last year’s RL, ripped out all the sword-swinging and put in a vehicle system with multiple mounted weapons and variable actions per turn based on your vehicle’s speed.  Forward and back accelerate your vehicle and left and right will turn and advance…  but I wanted to keep the feel of “one result per action” of typical Roguelikes.

So, if the player gets, say, 5 actions per turn (100 MPH), they have to choose each action whether they turn, shoot (which forces them to move straight that turn), change speed or wait (which will also result in moving forward).  However, since each weapon has a fixed-duration cooldown, you have to switch to weapons on different sides of the vehicle if you want to attack multiple times a turn.  Why exactly do you get more attacks when you’re driving at higher speeds…?  Adrenaline!

I had to start doing some cutting if I want to be done Sunday morning.  I don’t think I can do getting out of the car or vehicular enemies and my world generation quality may take a hit, but I know now that I’ve got a lot of work to do on UI and selling the movement of the car.  My major improvement will be to hook up the “Grip” system, which will force players to balance speed with control and allow for skids.  I’m excited so far!

Author: Vertigon

I'm a game development veteran who chose to move from programming to design about 10 years ago. I miss coding and I got really rusty as a result, so I recently have gotten back into Unity as an outlet for my old hacking days.

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  1. Loving the look and mechanics of your roguelike. My game involves skating so it has some similarities. I like the way you chose to represent direction and speed as ghost cars. The being able to shoot more if you are going faster bothers me though and seems like the weak part in your mechanics. I know all too well the limitations of working in a week-long schedule though. Best of luck.

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