No Crypto For Old Men: Dungeon Generation

In No Crypto for Old Men, you attack servers, and I’ve spent the last two days working on fleshing out the “server worlds” that you’ll be playing in.  Here’s a screenshot, for fun:

No Crypto For Old Men Screenshot 5

At the end of the day yesterday, I had a server generator that, frankly, was disappointing.  It didn’t feel like the server had any rhyme or reason to it.  It was just randomized nodes all over the place, with esoterically-named files and nothing of interest, really.

So I spent this evening rewriting it from the ground up, and I’m much happier with it now.  The areas of the server make more sense, and the files you download have context.  For instance, you will now find “directories” that contain a lot of similarly-structured sub-nodes labelled with titles that look like usernames – user directories.  When you find an interesting file, it includes context – maybe it’s an incriminating email or a lost episode of Arrested Development – and the filename is reminiscent of its contents.

I’ve also been tweaking the interface a bit, streamlining some of the terminal commands to make them a less tedious.  I still have a few shell commands I need to streamline, but the ones I have already done feel palpably superior to the ones I haven’t, so it’s a worthwhile effort.

Another advancement is that the game now has an economy of sorts.  You can earn byteCoins by selling important and dangerous data to fences, and you can earn whuffie by uploading drivel to the fictional social media network in the game called “MyFace”.  You can see the current state of the MyFace terminal interface in the screenshot above.  It even switches to an cheerily awful pink color when you go in to upload your content, as is appropriate for such a fluffy enterprise.  The goal is to be able to spend your whuffie and your byteCoins to get access to new shells, exploits, and backdoors so that you can take on bigger and badder servers.


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