Arachne – Day 4

The main addition today was items.  Items provide the game’s progression system – collecting them permanently unlocks new abilities or upgrades existing ones, but in order to get them you’ll need to deviate from the most direct route across the web to the exit, putting yourself at greater risk.  I’ve put in a simple little help system that pops up and gives you a brief description of what each item does the first time you pick it up.

160310 87Hrs Collection

I have also added in a new ability and a few new enemy types, although I’m not entirely satisfied with how any of these are working just yet and might have to trash them if I can’t find a way of making them a bit more balanced.

In other bad news: the game appears to be haunted now.  Sometimes it seems that enemies are being spawned but for some reason remaining invisible, meaning that the first thing the player knows about it is when they suddenly drop dead for no reason.  This is a fairly serious bug, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what is causing it.  Job for tomorrow…

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