Decided on a name for my 7DRL finally… (see title)

At this point in the week, the structure of the game is complete…. everything my (always diminishing) requirements have stated is now in.


So, what to do with the remaining time?

The game is all there.  It’s winnable, UI is complete, and all the AI routines are in place.


It’s just a matter of working on all that stuff I’ve neglected all week.  Bug fixing, balance, structure and  fun to the game.

I’m not sure yet that it’s fun.  I think it can be fun…. I just haven’t found it yet.  Tonight was dedicated to getting it 100% feature complete… and I think I got it.  This give me until 2:00 pm on Saturday to get that all worked out.  Right now, I’m feeling pretty good.  But realistically…


I need another week.

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