“No Crypto For Old Men” first playable reached

No Crypto For Old Men is now officially playable.  You can win.  You can lose.  There’s a continuity to the game and progression.  Still needs a huge amount of balancing and more content to be actually good, but the experience of hacking the servers and getting through a story is there.  All the mechanics are in place.


There is also some Gameplay Video showing some of the early game in action.

Today, I worked on getting the interface even better, and some new mechanics in.  There’s a new node type – a data stream – where you can “go fishing” for useful data.  There’s a quest system in place with a quest that can be completed.  There’s a store system in place that lets you buy new game commands and wiki entries for looking up server weaknesses. And your game can now end with the feds kicking in your door if the heat level gets too high.

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