AutoFire: Success!

AutoFireScreenshotIn AutoFire the player drives an armored battle car driving through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, battling bandits and mutants while salvaging weapons and armor.

For my second 7DRL entry I wanted to stray from the comfortable gameplay I created last year and try some turn-based car combat mechanics I’ve been kicking around.  This includes the idea of vehicle speed, mounting vehicles on each side of the vehicle, and a grip meter to force players to maintain control…  but also sticks to the Roguelike feel of one input per turn.

Design Notes

Due to “adrenaline”, the player gets additional actions per turn (per “second”) when they accelerate. However each weapon has a fixed second-length cooldown, so players must make use of weapons on all four sides of the vehicle for maximum advantage.

Moving fast has its own challenges…  The faster you go, the more your manuevers drain your Grip meter. When your grip drops into the red, you start to skid…  Although this can be used to your advantage as well.

The game is a bit more ugly than my last entry, but I shifted my efforts to UI to help illustrate the new mechanics. I also created a loot system to allow players to choose where to mount the weapons they salvage.  Overall I’m really happy with the results!


The game’s web page and playable links are here.

I had some last-minute problems trying to export a WebGL version out of Unity…  the sound is clipped and terrible (anyone have this problem?)  As such I would recommend that you download the Windows version for the best result.  However, if you are in a hurry the WebGL is still playable.

Author: Vertigon

I'm a game development veteran who chose to move from programming to design about 10 years ago. I miss coding and I got really rusty as a result, so I recently have gotten back into Unity as an outlet for my old hacking days.

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