Bisbee’s Escape (Success)

I finished my game, Bisbee’s Escape, on Sunday Night. It’s a turn-based digdug-like where you kill enemies by dropping crates on them. Or you can collect all the energy (yellow lightning bolts) and evade them. The crates have different effects when they break, which are randomized each playthrough. Obviously inspired by games like Dig Dug, Mr. Do, and Digger.

This is my second year doing the 7DRL challenge. I didn’t have as much time to work on it as last year.  Of course there’s more I’d like add, but the heart of the game is there. Doing graphics and re-implementing things like pathfinding code for digging games’ signature thin walls did eat into my time a bit. I hope to do a post-challenge release with sound effects, touch screen support, bugfixes, and more sometime in the near future, but am pretty happy with where I got in seven days.

You can play the game in a browser right now.

Bisbee's Escape Screenshot

Bisbee’s Escape

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