bygr – Success!

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bygr is a squad roguelike in an abstracted low polygon world. You can play over at – it’s all JavaScript in the browser and the code is available to tinker with at (I make no apologies for some of the hackery).

As always, I didn’t get as far as I wanted, and the game balance is way off without enough stuff to do, but, stuff that went right:

  • Characters behave differently and some strategy/skill involved
  • Generally nice looking and varied environments
  • Progression with XP and stat upgrades
  • Easy to tweak/change enemies and behaviour
  • Underlying ‘engine’ feels pretty good, with AI, animation and UI – I’ll hopefully extend this some more

Stuff that didn’t:

  • Not enough strategy from the environment. Was hoping to add abilities to create/remove/move obstacles
  • Not enough variety/smarts from the enemies
  • No obvious link between stats and how it plays (there is one, but it’s pretty hidden)
  • Not enough animations/shiny effects to give more obvious feedback
  • No loot or upgradable abilities

I’d be curious to hear how others work on game and combat balance. 7 days is pretty tight to do much playtesting and I end up guessing my way with a handful of spreadsheets. Yet to get it right in any of my 3 7DRL attempts!

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  1. Hello. I’m assigned to judge your game in a… well, judging process. And i have a big question – are monsters supposed to behave so stupidly? Most of them walking randomly when far from party and don’t even try to approach “archer” – instead they are running from him. Maybe there is some obvious bug in their AI? Any chances for a fixed post7DRL version?

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