Cult – 7drl 2016 Success!

cult_whitedemonRise subjects! Your dark lord Azzafel commands you Rise!

Before my throne rests a twisted altar. Let it be known that he who can complete the rite of becoming upon its stone top will become my avatar!

A dark gift for only for one worthy enough to best his peer.Let the battle begin!


Click Here for a gameplay video by Rogueliker!

Click Here to visit the download page!

Hello everyone! My name is Numeron, and this is my 9th successful entry for the 7 day roguelike challenge! This year, my game is called Cult.

Cult is an arena combat game. The objective of the game is to maintain proximity to the altar in the middle of the map. Doing so for long enough will grant you powers of the Avatar of your dark lord Azzafel – which you will need to fend off your opponents attempting for the same, as only one cultist may be the unholy avatar! The player with the most time as the avatar at the end of the match wins.

I hope you enjoy my game this year – I think its a good one.

I have a thread on rogue temple , however I haven’t posted to yet so I thought I would shamlessly plug myself! This year, I started on Monday evening, and finished at 11:30pm Sunday night (was a close call getting it in on time!) I used an existing code base which is the same code as for my past 5 challenge entries, its becoming really messy haha.

Let me know what you think!

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