Slashcards: A dungeon-crawling language learner!

In 2005, one of my very first programming projects was an ASCII-based pseudo-3d C# (as in C# 1.0) language-learning roguelike.  Years later, I took another crack at the project — a 2010 effort I called “Slashcards“.  This one was for iOS, and featured a voxel characters and world.  I’ll dig up some screenshots for the post-mortem.

(Suffice it to say, the wheels eventually fell off both of these projects.)

Since then I’ve grown and learned a lot, both in building games and building educational experiences.  I’ve given myself this week (7DRL17) to take another crack at the project.

Here’s hoping the variety and depth of roguelike gameplay can work well with the variety and depth required for gaining language mastery.

Day 1 consisted of getting up a placeholder character with some basic movement; building a test environment for walking and climbing stairs; a mob that chases you; modeling and rigging up some props for UI purposes; prototyping the first combat question/response mechanic; painting up some basic landscape textures; a bunch of sharpie-printer paper sketches; and sketches for the architecture of language expertise tracking.

Not much to look at so far, but hopefully the contrast will be all the greater with the final result!

I’ve failed to finish the last couple 7DRLs.  Here’s hoping I can finally make it through one!

Ideas/thoughts/questions to @bigblueboo or — see you throughout the week —

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